I took a quick trip to Van Dyne Spoor Rd near sunset last evening in search of 
Short-eared Owls, with no luck.  But I did see a few raptors:

1 Red-tailed Hawk patrolling the forest edge

1 Northern Harrier hunting out over the fields between Rt 31 and VDS Rd

a single Rough-legged Hawk making a beeline northward just before 6 PM, no 
doubt headed to its night roost

2 adult Bald Eagles sitting on the nest along the western forest edge visible 
from both the potato building and VDS Rd (at least for now)

and 1 honorary raptor - I missed the action, but I turned around just in time 
to watch a Northern Shrike flying away with what I assume was one of theTree 
Sparrows that were feeding in the shrubs.


Mickey Scilingo
North Syracuse
Onondaga County, NY

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