Hi all,
I missed my regular bus of 4.43 PM, so decided to take the bus after an hour. 
But when I came down I had missed this bus too. Then I decided that I will take 
bus part of the distance and walk the rest . I was so glad that I missed all 
the buses. As  I was waiting I looed around, starlings were having fun. Next 
time when I scanned the sky right over Vet school tower was a raptor circling 
fairly low. Initially, thought it might be a Turkey Vulture. But in the 
beuatiful sun there was no silvery white on the underside of the wing, bird was 
brownish rather thatn blacking, short neck and tail was short and wings held in 
slight dihedral, short rounded tale. I watched it cirlced sometime fairly low. 
I went to the steps of my office builiding to make it my office bird! It looked 
like it was deciding a spot to crash for the night. Then it decided to head 
towards Mt Pleasant or Monkey Run area.

I think I missed the buses because Ii was destined to see the GOLDEN EAGLE!

After a couple of minutes, a Turkey Vulture passed the same location that 
headed straight north, but lazily. What a contrast of colors between two 
species that was highlighted by the beautiful sun!

I too observed many geese from  fifth floor of Entomology Dept while in a 
meeting late afternoon.

I walked from EAst Hill Plaza to home why Hawthorn Orchard ball fields. 
Red-Winged Blackbirds were claiming properties every where singing "It's my 

It was great evening to walk home.


PS: In the morning I saw and heard a SONG SPARROW at the junction of Ellis 
Hollows and PIne Tree Road.


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