Hi all,
                Last Sunday, the 16th, Susan, Ann and I birded up the lake. We 
didn't post, but people may be interested in our  Orchard Oriole sightings.

 On Myers Point Rd. where it crosses the RR tracks the apartment house on the 
right hosted two nesting pairs or Orchard Orioles. One pair in the tree in 
front that I think is a Cottonwood and another in the Spruce tree at the south 
end of the house. They seemed to be actively constructing and the nest in the 
spruce tree is almost impossible to see even when you know where to look.

At Long Point State Park another male Orchard Oriole was observed by the 
restroom building. The large tree at the north end of the building had fishing 
line, with brightly colored float attached, tangled up in the branches. The 
male Oriole had grabbed the free end of the line and flew around the branch 
trying to untangle it. As a fisherman myself I know how hard it can be to 
untangle line so I was quite impressed with his skill in knowing which 
direction to fly. The only reason he failed was because the line must have been 
several tens of feet long. A little too much of a good thing perhaps. The 
colorful float would have been a natty addition to the new house.

Happy birding,



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