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I'm forwarding this message that Mark Chao posted earlier this month. Please
consider taking advantage of this nice opportunity to get out in the field
with Mark, and visit some beautiful locations. One heads-up...the deer tick
population at Lindsay-Parsons Preserve in West Danby is quite high. Please
take appropriate precautions!


The fifth annual Finger Lakes Land Trust Spring Bird Quest (SBQ) will
take place over Memorial Day weekend, May 29-31, 2010.

The purpose of the SBQ is to celebrate our local breeding birds and the
Land Trust's role in preserving their vital habitats. During the weekend,
I'll be birding Finger Lakes Land Trust preserves, keeping a count of
species I observe, and collecting pledges per species. All proceeds benefit
the Land Trust. In this way, other birders and I have found over 115 species
(including 22+ warbler species) and have raised over $17,000 on past SBQ
weekends to support the Land Trust's work in protecting some of the most
scenic and biologically important lands in our region. Please contact me off
list if you would like to make a pledge toward my tally this year, or if you
are interested in birding and raising pledges yourself.

In addition to counting species and raising funds, I'll also be leading bird
walks at four Land Trust preserves over the weekend.

Saturday, May 29
8:00 AM
McIlroy Bird Sanctuary
Summerhill (Cayuga County)

Sunday, May 30
8:00 AM
Lindsay-Parsons Biodiversity Preserve
West Danby

Monday, May 31
6:30 AM
Goetchius Wetland Preserve

Monday, May 31
8:30 AM
Park Nature Preserve

All walks will depart promptly from the parking areas of the respective
preserves. For directions, see http://fllt.org/protected_lands/index.php.
All walks will last approximately two hours, except the one at Goetchius,
which will be shorter.

The bird walks are free, but donations to the Land Trust are encouraged.
Whether you decide to make a donation or not, I would be delighted if some
of you would consider attending one or more of these walks. I think that
there is no better birding in our region than at these preserves in late

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thanks for
your consideration!

Mark Chao


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