This morning, 7:15, Ann Mitchell and I were at Montezuma to finally find the 
Hudsonian Godwit in the same area as has been reported. Unfortunately for Dave 
and Susan it also was able to pull the disappearing act that frustrated Susan 
and I twice yesterday. The torrential rain made for damp viewing but we were 
rewarded with stellar views eventually.

We also saw two Terns flying resolutely north from Frontenac Park in Union 
Springs. The great distance, western shore,  made it to difficult to call as to 
what species. I thought Common Tern and when Chris Wood and Jessie Berry said 
they just observed two Commons at Miliken Station it seemed to fit the bill.

Stay dry,


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Tom Johnson, Matt Medler, and I ran up to Montezuma this evening to take a look 
at the godwit.  One bright male HUDSONIAN GODWIT was foraging in one of the 
open spots in the pool not far to the northeast off the visitor center deck. We 
watched it until nearly dusk. Two Sandhill Cranes called toward the Main Pool 
as well.

Jay McGowan
Dryden, NY


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