Title: (Red)Squirrel-proofing feeders
We have two of our six feeders enclosed in wire cages (from Agway) --- one has a seed tube inside, the other has a suet cage.  i have written before how a persistent red squirrel sits INSIDE the cage all day, eating everything and keeping birds away. I don't mind the eating, but the birds can't even try for the food !
Last weekend I wrapped both cylindrical outer cages with chickenwire fence, hexagonal 1.5"x1.0" openings, smaller than the 1.5x1.5 openings in the cage. The red-squirrel have been frustrated and in a frenzy to get in, so far. (The big grays too, can't reach in as they used to.)
I was worried about the birds, since not all hexagonal openings line up with the cage openings. The smartest birds were the chickadees. After a few perplexed tries yesterday, the chickadees now jump around until they find a fully open hexagon and flit in and out. The nuthatches were next. The two WBrNH held back at the strange new appearance of the cages-- but soon they could learn to get in and out. The two RBr nuthatches learned quickly to find the openings and go in and out -- one holds back a little, still getting used to it.
The goldfinches simply have not figured it out yet. They give up easily and go to the nyger or safflower feeders. The bigger birds (woodpeckers & Bluejays) can get at the suet at the edges of the suet cage, as they did before. I am hoping the Carolina Wrens who come for the suet will not give up too easily, and find a way in.

On the same topic, the squirrels simply leave the safflower seed alone -- they don't like it. The birds will eat it happily, unless sunflower is easy to get. Cardinals love the safflower, particularly.

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