Deb & all,
The Eastern Screech-Owl(s) dubbed "Screechie" by Fritzie Blizzard of Union Springs is frequently seen in the Wood Duck box on the northeast side of the pond on Factory Street, close to the low branches of what I think is a willow and just north of the cattails.  Earlier this year I saw the immobile gray screech-owl face plugging the hole in that reddish box so regularly that I began to wonder if it was real and alive. Then more recently I saw the entrance empty, but I think someone reported it showing since then.  I think the owl is most likely to be showing on sunny days to gather heat, and on cold days to insulate the box from cold drafts.  If there's only one owl and it's incubating, it can't very well do that and cling to the entrance, but I think we may still be early for that. 
--Dave Nutter

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Is the screech owl in the gox in the middle of the pond on Factory St in Union Springs?  I've gone there several times and not seen the owl.  Maybe I am looking in the wrong place.  Thanks, Deborah Lynn

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