Hi All, 
 I missed all the fun yesterday because of work so I thought I might find some 
Snow Geese today. I saw mostly Canada Geese, Swans, and a lot of Pintails in 
the mucklands. There was also Mallards and Widgeons. The light was pretty bad 
and it was also raining.  I did not see the Eagles at the lock. I really gave a 
little time to try and see her head at the nest but did not. On Van Dyne Spoor 
after a slippery ride in the mud and potholes, I was rewarded with a Northern 
Shrike.  I watched it hunt small rodents more or less dropping down on them. I 
have a very blown up photo of it with its prey and one displaying its wing 
patterns. No Snow Geese no matter how much I looked!
 Diana Whiting


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