Yes, on second thought I probably should not have posted the time. 'Twas not 
meant as an invitation -- hopefully if anyone gets in the way Victoria will let 
them know! I'll ask my sister to update me and will let the list know how it 
turned out.
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  I don't doubt her capabilities one bit. Such people are well trained & 
compassionate. I meant the activity of people who might "flock" to see the 
capture would traumatize the bird. 

  I am relieved to know the name of a re-habber in the area. We apparently no 
longer have one here in our area. She was harrassed by certain people who 
apparently had the mentality (???? good intentions????) of many of PETA 
members. Things done to her were destructive, mean, cruel & thoughtless. Our 
daughter was a re-habber in Florida for a number of yrs.. It's often a 
dangerous & thankless job. At one time she had more & larger snakes in her home 
than did the local zoo.


    For people who don't know. Victoria Campbell is a thoroughly knowledgeable 
and infinitely compassionate Wildlife Rehabber that we are very lucky to have 
in our area. She runs Wild Things Sanctuary off Snyder Hill Road. You can bet 
the loon is in the most gentle, capable and ethical of hands with her 

    Linda Orkin

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    On Apr 16, 2011, at 8:23 PM, John and Fritzie Blizzard 
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      Hope a lot of people don't converge on the site & traumatize the bird 
more than it probably will be, if it isn't already.

      Keep us updated ..... thanks! 



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