I circled the pond on the Wilson trail counter-clockwise (if your are looking from above I guess.) It was pretty noisy at the start, with several WARBLING VIREOS singing, a couple of bubbling HOUSE-WRENS, and a persistent NORTHERN FLICKER going ki-ki-ki.... On the northern half I saw one each of those three, a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, YELLOW WARBLER, and GRAY CATBIRD. On the southern half I saw a YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER and then immediately a DOWNY-WOODPECKER that put the the finishing touches on it's hole, flew in, and poked it's head out to survey the view. Very cute. At the bench near the exit from Wilson south I ended up in a flock of 7 to 10 YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS that contained a single PALM WARBLER. A WHITE-THROATED SPARROW sat in the trees near the feeders but wouldn't approach since a worker was tidying up the area.

My goodness it is nice to see the sun.


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