Gin & I birded in the hawthorn orchard this morning, starting at 7:30am.
Some of the notables:
--Tenessee warblers singing everywhere, finally got our sights on some in the dense foliage. The best views I had was in the open at the south edge of the woods, looking in from the field. (This is where there are some reliably every year).
-- Blackpoll warblers, everywhere, lots singing. !0 in one big tree.
-- Canada warblers, heard several, saw one finally, in the company of Bob McGuire, Dave Nutter, Susan Danskin, and others, near the middle.
-- Bay-breasted male & female, again near the south edge.
-- Magnolia male, near the south edge.
-- Blue-winged warbler
-- Willow flycatcher (heard)
-- Two Least flycatchers (heard)
-- etc.
Pleasant morning -- squish, squish...

Nari Mistry

Nari B. Mistry, Ithaca, NY
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