Yesterday afternoon I watched an interesting little interaction between a male Red-bellied Woodpecker and a Blue Jay in our yard. The RBWO flew into our box-elder with loud chirrups, waited just a few seconds, then flew to a silver birch in the corner. In a few seconds he chirruped back and started pecking at a stump on the box-elder. This was repeated several times, I was not able to check whether he was caching something he got from the birch. Meanwhile a blue jay sat watching this action. After a few back-and-forth flights the RBWO hopped off to another branch. The watching blue jay immediately flew up, not directly to the stump, but a few feet away and hopped around a little, picking at random spots nonchalantly, as if uninterested. But he quickly made his way to the stump and looked in. At this, the RBWO zoomed up again and scared off the blue jay.

Nari Mistry
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