Shirley and I were driving N on rte  89 about noon today and passed a Rough-leg 
perched on a power pole near Interlaken.  He said he was waiting for Gary, and 
did we know what was delaying him?  We went on to Montezuma which started out 
quiet and got quieter as the rain started.  Saw nothing unusual.  Most ducks 
were Gadwall.  Looked like a few GW teal at a distance.  Some Coot up close.  
One Snow Goose among the Canadas.  No small Canadas.

More Snows visible from East Rd, incl. two blue phase.  Maybe 100 total.

Two Sandhill Cranes south of rte 31near the farm bldg.  More Canadas and about 
200 Tundra Swans.  We did not spend much time looking, due to the rain.  In 
summary, it seemed that most of the geese must have been lunching in the local 
cornfields.  Probably morning or late afternoon would be more productive.

Steve Fast might be interested to know that we ate at Wolffy's restaurant, on 
the lake right next to Cayuga Lake S.P.  Nice atmosphere and good food.

Bill and Shirley McAneny, T'Burg

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