I had a wonderful treat this morning.  I spotted a large group of bluebirds 
land in the maple tree by the road.  They flew off quickly, with a few coming 
in closer on the Beech tree.  I went to the sunroom on the south side of the 
house and my hunch was right. They were after the winterberries.  Another large 
Maple is near the winterberry bush so most of them landed in the tree while a 
few were on the bush.  There were 10 bluebirds in all-mostly males.  Such a 
pretty sight with the snow softly falling.  They checked out some older 
winterberries and tried a few red chokeberries. They stayed around the yard for 
about a half hour until the trash truck scared them off.   It was interesting 
to watch the interactions with the other yard birds.  The English Sparrows kept 
jockeying for position in the tree.  The Bluebirds seemed to want to be highest.

It was a nice, birdy morning.  While the Bluebirds were here, I also spotted 
cardinals, chickadees, goldfinches, house finches, juncos, and downy 
woodpeckers.  Such a nice way to start the day.  I haven't had many birds, 
other than house sparrows and chickadees this winter.  The weather has been too 
warm for them to need the feeders.  Oh, I've had tree sparrows here at times.  
I'm missing my nuthatches and tufted titmouses.

Carol Keeler

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