I saw approximately 300-400 swans on Cayuga Lake near the Village of Cayuga 
tonight; probably Tundras. Also thousands of Snow Geese and Canada Geese flew 
over Montezuma at sunset ( 5:20 to 5:50 p.m. Snows were flying south on the 
western side of Cayuga Lake and landing just off shore directly across from 
Cayuga and slightly south. Flock after flock of  Canadas were flying southeast 
and crossing over the canal slightly north of the Visitor Center.
 The swans were on the water gathered just north of the train trestle and 
300-400 yards west and northwest of the Cayuga Marina, formerly the Agway 
Plant.  In addition droves, flock after flock, of blackbirds were migrating 
through Montezuma from north to south directly over the parking lot adjacent to 
the Visitors Center. It was too dark to make positive identifications but 
shapes and flight patterns led me to believe that most were RwBs.
It was a great evening of birding.
Bill RobertsAurora

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