Larry and I took advantage of the nice day and took a trip around the lake, going up East side and down West side. By far the most impressive sight was the tens of thousands of SNOW GEESE plainly visible and near to shore from the junction of NYS Route 89 and the southern junction of Lower Lake Road (North end of Cayuga Lake). Briefly the geese were spooked and some of them left the water heading one direction, and another group headed the opposite direction before all settled down again, but it made for a magnificent color of white and black. We looked for Ross's, but there were just too many geese to scan through to determine if there were any. Continuing in a southerly direction, we saw 2 more large flocks of Snow Geese out on the water, but they paled in comparison to the thousands we were able to view up close--right by the shoreline. All day long we saw huge flocks of CANADA'S and SNOW GEESE flying over.

We also spotted huge flocks of RED WING BLACK BIRDS, and COMMON GRACKLES by E. Tyer Rd. and Lay Rd just south of the NYS Thruway. The usual ducks were still on the lake at various spots we stopped, and we did not see any Western Grebe.


Sara Jane Hymes


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