This bird touched so many lives. Especially Nancy and I we thought an update 
would be a good idea.   The bird was first noticed on Sunday March 4th. Nancy 
was doing Feeder Watch counts when she saw it on the deck. She grabbed her 
camera and snapped a few pictures. She texted me immediately. I came up with a 
few ideas which she knew were not right. I then told her to post it on The Labs 
Facebook page someone would figure it out. I went back to work and forgot about 
it. When I got home there was the text about the id and the excitement began. A 
man by the name of Stephen Meyer had the correct id immediately. I later 
e-mailed the picture to a few people I knew and trusted  who also confirmed it. 
We then decided to keep it low key and just let people come by appointment. 
Well that didn’t last long someone posted it to NY Birders Facebook page and 
the fun began. Sunday night we answered phone and emails to midnight me in the 
Finger Lakes and  Nancy in Locust Grove. Once the flood gates opened we started 
to realize how special the bird was. Only the second sighting in NYS. The other 
being in the Catskills on Dec, 22,2011 according to e-bird records. Monday 
morning people started to arrive. We had a total of 150 people sign in but on 
Weds. we both had to go back to work and also on Thurs. So we feel it was much 
higher. We had visitors from Long Island, NYC,Maryland, Pa., NJ, NC, Ontario 
Canada, many towns in Central NY, Buffalo, Rochester, Binghamton. We had one 
fellow who signed in Wyckoff NJ via Scotland. The story was shown on Channel 7, 
Watertown with interviews with Kevin McGowan and Nancy. The story was covered 
by the local newspapers..   The story is running on a big screen  TV in the 
lobby of  Nancy’s school. Many generous people donated money for seed. Some of 
that money will be used to help buy seed for a program Nancy does at her school 
for disabled children which includes feeding and gardening for birds and 
Project Feeder Watch. The rest will be donated to a cause to be decided. Rosy  
mainly ate mixed seed from the birdbath made into a feeder. He was not seen on 
the Niger feeder while we were home. The farthest we saw him fly was the sumac 
across the road. We never saw him in the Blue Spruce which a few people asked 
about. We saw some photos where the bird was eating sugar maple buds.  The only 
day he stayed at the feeder after 3:30 was the day before he moved on. On Weds. 
night he was there until 4:30pm which had us a little concerned. Thursday 
morning March 8th he was last seen at 9 am.  One of the many things that came 
out of this is the appreciation we felt from everyone who came. On Tuesday it 
was like a block party with lots of scopes, camera equipment and many happy 
birders. Untold money was pumped into the economy of a very rural part of the 
state. When I checked bird sightings for Lewis county on e-bird I was impressed 
with the number of bird species people saw and reported. On Sunday morning 
Nancy and I got Golden Eagle at the Sugar River bridge what a wonderful way to 
end an amazing week.  Nancy and Janet

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