Susie & I started the day by going for breakfast at the Meetinghouse Café
(Diner) at the corner of Salt Rd. and State Rt. 90 in Summerhill.  Friendly
folks, reasonable prices.  They serve SCRAPPLE.  It’s not on the menu; you
have to ask.  Also there is the finest bathroom that we have ever seen in
all our visits to U.S. diners.


We could not find the Genoa Sandhill crane family.


At the Potato Bldg. in the Mucklands at MNWR, there are viewable many
thousands of SNOW and CANADA GEESE, hundreds of TUNDRA SWANS, and hundreds
of RING-BILLED GULLS.  There were about 50 PINTAIL with the MALLARDS.  I
located 2 groups each of 7-8 SANDHILL CRANES a long ways off.  No sign of
the 20 reported heading this way from Derby Hill earlier in the week.  There
was an adult SNOWY OWL  due south from the building and about 100’ from the
road.  I did not see it for a long time as I was looking too far out.  Susie
should have seen it just by looking out the car window; but there was tall
grass in the line of view, and anyway, she was crocheting.


The NORTHERN SHRIKE at the east end of Van Dyne Spoor Rd. was being its
usual photogenic self.  


We found no rough-legged hawks, but for the day found 4 KESTRELS, 3 N.


Steve & Susie Fast



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