Several days before Xmas, a friend of ours brought over the remains of a
deer torso he had shot.  We threw it on top of a large brushpile in the yard
to keep the coyotes from dragging it off.  So far it has been a boon to our
4 YARD CROWS  who have spent some of their daytime activities pulling
strips of meat and chiseling off hunks of suet which they then eat or stash
in the neighborhood.  Today Susie excitedly called my attention to very
large COOPERS HAWK perched on the carcass and biting off  suet chunks.  It
fed for about 10 minutes.  It was the largest of this species that either
one of us remembers seeing; it appeared the size of a red-tailed hawk.
Susie got a picture of it as it flew off which shows why they can move so
fast-the amount of extended wing surface appears to dwarf the rest of the


Susie & Steve Fast



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