This afternoon at around 4pm I walked around SSW along the Wilson trail.
The best sighting was a Black-throated Blue warbler silently foraging, 
around the bend from the Sherwood Platform.
Some birds seen or heard:

    Blk-thr Blue w           1
    Blk-thr Green w        2
    Magnolia  w              2
    Yellow w                1
    Ovenbird                   2
    Com. Yellowthr      3
    Rose-br. Grosbeak 2
    Wood Thrush          1
    Y-B Sapsuckers      3
    Least flycatcher       1
    Belted Kingfisher     1

I really wanted to see the Barred Owl, so I walked up and down near the 
gate and the junction of the Wilson/Severinghaus trails for a while when 
I started. After 5pm I went back there and just after I entered the 
gate, I heard a very small commotion, like a person complaining 
"harrumph!" and I saw a large silent raptor being chased by a black-bird 
through the woods & across the road, very low about 10-15 feet off the 
ground. I never found it again, but I am sure it was the B.Owl.

Nari Mistry

Nari B. Mistry, Ithaca, NY
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