This evening I biked down to the golf course where for the first time in some 
four or so attempts I heard then saw one yellow-throated warbler, in the 
sycamores around tee 3 next to the fire training area. That little guy was hard 
to spot, but gave good looks when found. While waiting for it to show itself, 
however, the sycamores were visited by a couple of rather interesting birds: 
wood ducks! A male and female, perched at mid height in the nice evening sun, 
about as close to people as I've seen without showing any of their usual 
nervousness, though the whole time the male was murmuring a quiet squeal. As 
far as I could tell they were courting, with the female every now and then 
flying a short distance to a nearby perch and the male following suit, repeated 
a number of times.


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