Today, I spent sometime in Conn Hills at Orchid Pond and Boylan road junction 
pond, till my eyelashes were burning due to heat burn. Bird wise it was very 
quiet except for a Common Yellowthroat, Yellow warbler, Great Blue Heron and a 
Blue Jay that was imitating Red-shouldered Hawk at Boylan junction road pond.

Along the drive to Orchid pond I found a Ruffed Grouse crossing road! At Orchid 
pond, there was a flock of chickadee with some tufted titmouse were heard and 

On the way back on, Trumbull Cors road, in a marshy location, there was a dead 
tree that was covered with hundreds of Barn Swallows. I also saw a few Tree 
Swallows along the wires.


Meena Haribal
Ithaca NY 14850


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