A HUGE thank you to all who responded to my plea for help.  With Meena
Haribal's help, we decided that we have grass-carrying wasps packing nesting
material in my windows and bringing Drumming Katydid nymphs which make an
instant food source for their larvae when they hatch.  I found this all
amazing.  If you'd like more info, take a look at this blog, which has a
full explanation:
Again, my thanks to all,
Mona Bearor
So Glens Falls, NY

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If there is a list member willing to help id an insect for me, I'd
appreciate it.  The little guys get in the track of the screens on my
windows and leave an egg case (I guess, it's a brown papery thingy), which
hatch to a small lime green nymph-like creature with wings.  Very

Can send a photo off list to anyone who would like to reply to me privately
at conservebirds AT gmail.com

Mona Bearor
So Glens Falls, NY


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