Hi all,

Today I spent a couple of hours on Fall Creek trying to get American Rubyspot, 
a beautiful damselfly found only on Fall Creek in Central New York.

But during that period, I heard and saw many species of birds, especially there 
was a small mixed hunting flock consisting of BC Chickadees, Tufted Titmouse 
(with "teacher teach" dialect), two young or female Am. redstarts, Eastern Wood 
Peewees, probably a family, a young Baltimore Oriole, a joint families of Cedar 
Waxwings hawking for insects. There was a pair of Kingfishers  that fished 
crayfish, which seemed abundant in the creek as I disturbed hundreds when I 
walked. some were beautiful blue-gray colored. I also saw  couple more species 
of warblers, just bare glimpses, it was hard to lift binoculars with one hand 
stuck around my neck and camera strap and camera and umbrella in another hand.

There was also a singing Indigo Bunting nearby and a Great Blue Heron and a 
Ring-billed Gulls seemed to be crayfishing together as they stood next to each 
other. I guess each of them was helping other.

As there was a talk on insects today on the list serve, I thought I would let 
people know what we found for last week's National Moth week. We found nearly 
200 or may be more species of moths aka bird food. We had a very good turn out, 
with lots of very young kids interested, Nearly 60 people showed up at various 
events. Also it may be interesting to know, most of the moth-ers  were bird 
watchers. If you are keen on knowing what we found, here is a link to moths 
seen at various locations during the moth week.




PS: If you are curious minded and want to know what an American Rubyspot is, 
here is a link to the video I took.  http://youtu.be/kQbIEEfzLH0 Best is watch 
in HD settings.

Meena Haribal
Ithaca NY 14850


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