Using Chris Wood's excellent discussion about the complexities of eBird data 
(on the NYSBirds list) as a segue...........

Long-time Regional Editor Bill Purcell (Region 5) is passing the torch and Matt 
Perry and I have agreed to take over.  eBird records for a season number 
between 20,000 to 200,000 depending on the number of observers in the Region.  
To help in analyzing this data I have written a program in VISUAL Basic to 
perform various sorting and logical functions, including evaluating records in 
the split counties where the Regional boundary does not follow county lines.  
The program also generates maximum and average counts, first-of-season, 
last-of-season, contributor lists, species category evaluation, validity, and 
much more. 

With a full month left before the end of the Fall reporting period, I'm going 
to send an e-mail to Regional Editors outlining the program, what it needs as 
input, what it generates as output, and all the other Frequently Asked 
Questions.  Those that wish to use the output data will have time to become 
familiar with the format and look for errors (none known as of version 1.11), 
idiosyncrasies, shortcomings, etc.  There are many capabilities planned, and I 
hope it well help in reducing the large number of records to a managable 

The program is parametrically-driven and functions both to generate 
Kingbird-specific data, but can equally well be a general-purpose 
data-evaluation tool.  Regional Editors I know about will receive an e-mail in 
the next few days.  If you do not receive it, or have an interest in the 
subject generally, please e-mail me below and I will add you to the list.

David Wheeler
North Syracuse, NY


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