This morning, as I was looking out the kitchen window, our neighborhood 
Carolina Wren flew directly to the back door under the small porch and 
started exploring every nook & cranny gleaning for insects. As I watched 
through the storm door, it climbed up a raincoat and busily examined 
gardening baskets, tools, everything, softly trilling all the while.
By the way, I have not seen this trill described in any of the several 
bird books I have. The trill is similar to that of the T.Titmouse, but 
longer and more musical. It does appear briefly in the /first/ example 
for CAWR in the Macaulay Library audio list, but not in any other 
examples that I checked some years ago. Our wren trills very often, 
signaling its presence long before any loud song.
Nari Mistry,
Ellis Hollow Rd

Nari B. Mistry, Ithaca, NY
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