One advantage to this weather is that it brings in the birds to the feeders.  
I've had more of my regulars than usual.  I now have 4 pairs of Cardinals which 
stay all day.  I counted 10 Tree Sparrows, 6 Juncos, and about 15 House 
Finches.  There are many Goldfinches, Tufted Titmice, Chickadees, Mourning 
Doves, and unfortunately House Sparrows.  I also spotted a lone Song Sparrow 
which is now wishing it migrated.   I occasionally see 3 Redpolls.  The huge 
group of Siskins that I had in late fall have not returned, nor have the 
Evening Grosbeaks which stopped by for a moment.   I have an occasional Blue 
Jay and WB Nuthatch too.  Then there are the woodpeckers , Downy, Hairy, and 
Red Bellied. There's also a Red Tail Hawk that hangs out, out back.  I haven't 
seen the Cooper's Hawk, but from the bird's behavior at times, I'm sure it's 
around.   It's been a very birdy couple of days.
Carol Keeler

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