>From my position overlooking the upper reaches of Cayuga Inlet I saw great 
>numbers of Snow Geese fly south beyond the limits of the basin - at least 3 to 
>4 times the number that Ken reported returning to the lake at dusk. I expect a 
>lot of them are still winging southward over moonlit Susquehanna country. 

Large flocks were still passing my place at 4:30, but the composition had 
changed, and the latest southbound flocks consisted of Canada Geese only. Given 
Ken's report at dusk, I would guess that in the late afternoon a final wave of 
Snows came down the lake, considered the enclosing highlands and the low 
ceiling, and turned back to the water, daunted by the uncertain prospects of 
making the long overland flight to Chesapeake entirely at night.


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