This was the best birding year ever for me personally. In New York, it was 
nothing short of spectacular.
Some of my highlights:  WESTERN GREBEs winter into the early spring on Cayuga 
Lake, the masses of SNOW 
GEESE last spring (and again this fall), significant fallout of migratory  
waterfowl, grebes, gulls around April 1st, 
GLOSSY IBIS for two days in spring Broome County and a YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD 
almost 3 weeks in 
Broome County, great warbler waves too, close-up views of breeding plumage 
Benning Marsh Montezuma, MISSISSIPPI KITES Sterling State Forest in summer,  
DICKCISSELs Seneca meadows, 
FRANKLIN'S GULL Towpath Road, many many shorebirds K-M marsh and Puddler's, 
Stewart Park and Puddler's/K-M Marsh,  RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD Interlacken, NY, all 
the vagrants from Sandy, and 
then to finish it off...great views of TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE in Romulus!  (I 
probably forgot a few too)  

I would like to thank EVERYONE who quickly shared these amazing birds with the 
birding community and for
all the updates on the whereabouts of these great birds. We are so blessed with 
great varieties of birds and
even more so with such great birders. Happy New Year and good birding to all 
for 2013!!

Dave Nicosia 

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