Having received Bob McGuire's kind tip during a fortuitous street encounter
not long before he posted here, I took my kids out to the East Ithaca
Recreation Way to look for the screech-owl.  At 4:35 PM, we found it exactly
where Bob specified.  

First the owl was sleeping low in the cavity, with eyes barely above the lip
of the hole. Then the owl turned sideways and tilted its head back, still
sleeping.  It looked uncannily like a person snoozing in the front passenger
seat of a car.  

Finally, as we gathered ourselves to leave, the owl woke up and perched in
full frontal view.  For a couple of minutes its eyes conveyed a strange
inexpressive frozen glare, but then it began turning its head and looking
around, maybe watching dogs cavorting up the path.

This was the first red-morph owl I've ever seen in New York, the first ever
for my kids anywhere, and the last bird we identified in 2012.  What a
wonderful bird!  Thanks, Bob!

Mark Chao   


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