I  strongly endorse the wise comments of Jody Enck & Ken Rosenberg 
asking for restraint in advocating for a ban on duck hunting on Cayuga 
Birders tend to believe that we are a huge beneficial community that can 
do no wrong. The reality is that the world looks at us with benign 
amusement. To set ourselves up as "our viewpoint is best for everyone" 
is a mistake.  I am just as concerned about gunshots and disturbance of 
wildlife and humans, but I don't think we can justify a ban.
While bird conservation arguments may be useful, it does not appear to 
me that waterfowl conservation is threatened by hunting on Cayuga Lake, 
as Ken has pointed out. So the argument becomes just "my preference 
against others'."
Pushing for a ban on duck-hunting on the lake can easily be regarded by 
hunters as the first step in trying to ban hunting in the fields and 
woods, leading to acrimonious name-calling and the end of any good 
relationship between birders and land-owners, hunters and "real" people.
A much better course of action would be to have a dialog with 
duck-hunters clubs and to explain the beneficial need for hunting away 
from shore and avoiding deliberate disturbance and flushing of birds to 
gain an advantage.
I hope a reasonable course of action is chosen.
Nari Mistry

Nari B. Mistry, Ithaca, NY
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