Two bald eagles flew over the house a few days ago. At first I thought they 
might be a pair but as I  watched I noticed a bit of aggressiveness & watched 
'til they disappeared to the east. About 5 min. later one came alone back 
towards the lake so I guess it succeeded in getting rid of an interloper.

Depending on where one is looking, at what time of day & weather conditions, 
Cayuga lake is resting place for 1,000s of waterfowl or just 100s. Same is true 
for Sodus Point where last Fri. Kathy Strickland & I had tremendous nos. & 
varieties of birds. Not so yesterday when daughter, Becky & I went. 

Snow geese are going over here in great numbers now. Supposedly the special 
hunting season for snows is  23 Jan. - 15 April with 25 as the daily bag limit. 
Snow geese are exceptionally wary so even wherever they land, & if they did 
land where they see decoys, they seem to be wise enough to not return once 
shots are fired. 

I had a pr. of bluebirds atop one of the boxes on the clothesline arm this 
a.m.. Saw something I've never seen before with them. One flew down & got a 4 
or 5 inch piece of grass & took it back up & offered it to the other. It was 
accepted & the bird flew to the box opening. Just about then something scared 
all the birds away.     Has anyone else ever seen this with bluebirds?? ......  
 Once bluebirds show ANY interest in the boxes male house sparrows immediately 
sit atop the boxes to discourage or fight with the  bluebirds. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

At my feeders here at the house I've been regularly having 70 to 80 goldfinches 
since last wk. .... quite an increase suddenly. Haven't tried to count the ones 
up at the hill feeders.

Fritzie ... Union Springs, NY


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