Yesterday was a great day birding on Cayuga Lake.  Jill Vaughan and I were 
impressed by the hundreds of SNOW GEESE along the icy shore as we headed up the 
hill out of Aurora just past Great Gully Farm.  With the sun shining on a 
vibrant blue water, they almost looked tropical.  

We were treated to a GREEN-WINGED TEAL at the pond on Factory St. as well as 
RED HEADS dredging up and feasting on huge helpings of green plants.   HOODED 
MERGANSERS  were plentiful on Mill Pond.  At the Mud Locks there was a BALD 
EAGLE sitting at the top of a tree to the right of, and not far from, the 
"original nest #1."  Hundreds of TRUMPETER SWANS congregated on the Lower Lake 
Rd. (west shore) with two MUTE SWANS seen among them.  We couldn't help but 
notice the contrast between the busy but soft voices of swans compared to the 
raucous vocalizations of CANADA GEESE.

Sue Henne


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