Based on intelligence I received from Mark Chao, I stopped by the DEC
facility on Morgan Road, just north of Savannah, yesterday in hopes of
seeing short-eared owls.  Unfortunately,  I did not make it up there
until 6:20  (Mark reported them being active up to an hour before
sunset) but was rewarded with great views of at least three
short-eared owls.  Two were "prowling" the vegetation and provided
numerous close views, albeit with failing light.  One bird was on the
ice, possible with prey but it was far enough out that I couldn't be
sure.  I had not previously had the opportunity to hear them
vocalizing like they were last night.

There were spectacular numbers of waterfowl in flight, in fields, and
in any open water throughout the Northern Montezuma Wildlife
Management Area.  It was quite an evening!

Gian Dodici


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