Such a busy birdy day, that after my noon time adventures previously reported, 
I went back out at 4pm (3pm bird time) to walk the dog and watch the skies some 
more. While we were out, a couple dozen TURKEY VULTURES came off their now 
familiar roost in the Asbury pines and started circling around. I swear they 
like to come check me out as much I do them: they fly really low over my yard 
and have gotten somewhat more accustomed to staying on trees ringing my yard if 
I don't make too much fuss playing with the dog. I probably should shower more 

Anyway, I was factoring 'large group of big low swirling birds' out of my 
search image when suddenly one of them was not a TUVU: it was a GREAT BLUE 
HERON who had appeared from southward. The GBHE also circled 3 times around the 
yard/house, about 50' higher than the TUVUs giving great looks at this elegant 
flyer, then it glanced at the creek, but moved off northward (there are nicer 
ponds there). FOY for me for a yard GBHE and the longest one has ever spent 
overhead here; they are usually flying purposefully from one watering hole to 
another. Martha wondered if it was checking our weathervane which sports a 
copper GBHE as the ornament.

I stayed out a while longer and was finally rewarded with a vee of 40 SNOW 
GEESE (this time I counted), the only ones I saw all day. These were also the 
first visual I had on these guys as a yard bird, though I had counted them 
before listening to their barks during prior migrations at night.


Chris Pelkie
Research Analyst
Bioacoustics Research Program
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
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