David Gooding mentioned seeing a tree swallow yesterday. That confirms what I 
thought I saw but figured it was too early. Just seems to me there is no 
confusion about that flight pattern or the bird shape but I didn't want to 
admit the real possibility. I should go check down by the lake or Mill pond 
today since small insects are flying about.

Yesterday was a fantastic day to be outdoors here in Union Springs, to see in 
every direction, including UP, the almost endless flights of thousands of 
geese, mostly Canadas. Even with binox some flights were so high Becky & I 
could barely see them. Snow geese came late in the day, many migrating very, 
very high but some were low & heading to the lake. This a.m. she had hundreds 
of snows in a farm field just down the road from her house. 

The majority of geese were coming from the SSE heading NNW. SSE winds were very 
strong & I watched 2 geese facing due west, not flapping at all, being swept 
NNW. Sometimes not a bird in a flock would flap their wings for long distances. 

About 5:30 p.m. I saw the first 5 of what I believe are members of the Union 
Springs turkey vulture family. We've had 15-17 down by the lake for the last 
several yrs.. We also saw 3 different size hawks here. One was a sharpie in the 
choke cherry tree. It left hungry.

A trip to Sodus & Oswego on Sat. afternoon yielded few birds but what a 
gorgeous day to be out!! Oswego River & the harbor there & at Sodus, as well as 
Lake Ontario were the calmest we have ever seen. We did still see lots of white 
winged scoters both places. 


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