I had some spare time before pickup hockey at The Rink, so I decided to take an 
evening walk in the Edwards Lake Cliffs preserve, not really expecting to see 
anything special. To my surprise a loud peent emanated from the brush next to 
one of the small open areas, and continued while I tried to scan the bushes in 
the still decent light, without luck. Just when I thought I'd scared the fellow 
into hiding, I heard twittering, and in the clear evening sky appeared a 
fluttering form, easily tracked with binoculars with its long clumsy bill as it 
continued up, up, and up, and then a quick glide back and forth like a leaf, 
tweep-tweep-tweeping as it descended back into the brush. I saw two shows by 
one individual and another show by a presumed second individual in the next 
field over as I left. The peents started at 7:30 and the first dance at 7:45, 
still in decent light. I'll have to bring my camera next time - I think there 
was enough light to get a decent shot.


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