Ann Mitchell's post reminded me to write that we saw three adult Osprey at 
Stewart Park over the Swan Pen pond, at around 1pm. One (female?) perched on a 
tree and kept calling while the other two circled overhead. Then they all flew 
off toward Hog Hole.
There were also two Yellow-Rumped warblers by the swan pond.
One Eared Grebe (basic plumage?) swam within binocular distance of the dock. 
Lots of Redheads, Scaup, Red-Necked Ducks etc, out further &  not too clear 
with just binoculars. Hooded mergansers (2 male with 7 females), Buffleheads, 
grebes (horned?)  in the inlet.

Nari  & Gin Mistry

Nari B. Mistry,
Ithaca, New York
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