I'm surprised others haven't posted the results of various sky counts today. 
Mine started with an adult BROAD-WINGED HAWK circling over the Northeast Ithaca 
neighborhood, and at least 5 more streaming over as I walked from the parking 
lots o the Lab of O.

Heading out for a late lunch and seeing that Mt. Sapsucker was adequately 
covered (but what did they see?), I grabbed a sandwich and headed behind the 
Ithaca airport to skywatch. Surprisingly I saw no more Broad-wings, but I did 
have a migrating RED-SHOULDERED AND A SHARP-SHINNED HAWK. The strangest 
sighting though was a shimmering flock of birds high against the blue sky — I 
got therein the scope and they were 9 breeding-plumage BONAPARTE's GULLS 
circling high overhead.

Also back near the north end of Mohawk Rd. I saw a male sapsucker that had a 
clear red spot on the nape — otherwise didm' look too different


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