Our family knew & adored "Eph" Palmer as well as his wonderful wife, Dr. 
Katherine Van Winkle Palmer, the director of the Paleontological Research 
Institution (PRI) for many yrs.. 

The Palmers lived on the corner of Oak Hill Rd. sorta' kitty-corner across 
Triphammer from the area now known as Palmer's Woods. While I don't know if 
they at one time owned that plot, it's possible. (A note about their brick 
house .... it was/is a Sears Roebuck house!!!)

Geoffrey Nulle, who wrote to Linda Orkin, might well know if Palmers owned land 
across Triphammer since he was living in Ith. 10 yrs. before we arrived, when 
that area was far more wooded than it is now. Eph was a botanist, naturalist, 
birder ...... into all things nature & his Cornell Rural School  Bulletins are 
still cherished by many. We will part with ours only when we die!!! Same with 
his Fieldbook of Natural History. He was a person you wish you had met long 
before you actually did. 

Thanks, Carol, for mentioning E. Lawrence Palmer. You beat me to it!!


 Carol Schmitt wrote about Palmer's Woods - Prof. Lawrence Palmer

Dr. E. Lawrence Palmer was a professor of "nature study" at Cornell, a number 
of decades ago.  One of our famous local people, actually, with a long tenure 
and many professional books and articles to his name.
Carol Schmitt


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