Hi all,
I made a quick trip through Montezuma on my way back from the airport this
morning. I arrived at Van Dyne Spoor apparently too late to see the Little
Blue fly out to wherever it lives during the day (where??), but at least 19
Great Egrets were still around, as well as lots of Black-crowned
Night-Herons, dozens of Common Gallinules, many coots, thousands of
swallows (including at least one Cliff with the multitudes of Tree and
Bank) and lots of other marsh life. I couldn't spend much time on
shorebirds at Knox-Marsellus, I mostly just checked for anything obvious,
but good numbers continue, including lots of dowitchers and Stilt
Sandpipers. The highlight was an eclipse male EURASIAN WIGEON hanging out
with a few American Wigeon in the middle of the impoundment. It's still
quite dull but the face is clearly red compared to any of the other wigeon.
I was surprised when one turned up in mid-August last year, and this is
earlier still (only the second July record in eBird for New York?)

Myers Point held four SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS at the end of the spit (Livia
and I had six with two Least there on Sunday), and I see Chris Wood had an
unseasonal LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL at the compost this morning.

Finally, an unposted bird from last week, we had a CLIFF SWALLOW foraging
distantly with Barn Swallows at the top of Mount Pleasant on Thursday (July
18) and Solitary Sandpipers at Dryden Lake.

Jay McGowan
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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