So it would seem TextMarks followed through on their threats, so I have set
up a new RBA system using the application GroupMe. It should work in a
similar way, except no keywords are necessary. For those of us with
smartphones, installing the GroupMe app is recommended for easiest viewing
of the content. For those without, you will just receive SMS text messages
as usual. When you join or are added, you will receive a text from a
number. Save this number, as it will be the number you text reply to in
order to post. Be aware that every time someone joins the list, everyone
will receive a message, which is annoying, especially for those with
limited text message plans. If this is you, you may want to wait for a few
days until the joining frenzy (if that comes to pass) has subsided.

If I find an easy way to share the group I will let people know, but until
then just reply privately to me with your cell # and I will add you.

Just as a reminder, and for anyone who would like to join this group who
wasn't on the last one, this is for rare or particularly unusual birds
only. New spring arrivals and expected birds should not be posted on this
group, and this group is not meant to replace Cayugabirds and everything
should be cross-posted. Like Cayugabirds, this group covers the Cayuga Lake
Basin and nearby.


Jay McGowan
Macaulay Library
Cornell Lab of Ornithology


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