Hi all,
The Cayuga Bird Club will be meeting tonight, Monday, November 11, at 7:30 at 
the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, with cookies and conversation at 7:15. The 
public is invited to join. Please note that the doors will be locked when the 
auditorium reaches capacity (so get there early!). 

Our speaker, Elizabeth Derryberry, Assistant Professor of Ecology and 
Evolutionary Biology at Tulane University in New Orleans, will give a 
presentation entitled, "Songbirds Rise Above the Din."  Dr. Derryberry's talk 
will begin after the Bird Club meeting (~8:00).

Cities are evolutionary recent environments that impose novel selection 
pressures on organisms, including birds. Noise, whether from the city or 
nature, may be enough of a nuisance to convince birds to change their tune. 
Elizabeth will talk about her studies which look at current and historical 
songs from urban and rural locations of White-crowned Sparrows in San Francisco 
and Marin County, CA, and compare how songs have evolved in each location. 

See you there!
Laura Stenzler

Cayuga Bird Club


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