0800 A flock of 4-5 E. bluebirds, in the company of a Carolina wren, working 
their way close around my house this morning, on Hile School Rd.  I have no 
feeders or other food sources yet, so they presumably like the shrubbiness 
mixed with open areas. 

Beyond that, it was still winter:  a flock of goldfinches, one bluejay foraging 
in yard. At ca. 0730, 20 American crows out of a probable roost N of Ed Hill Rd.

Yesterday a rough-legged hawk visited the area around neighbor's gut pile 
across Hile School Rd from my house, to which American crows responded by 
diving straight down over and over.  This seemed a stronger response than they 
have given to the 2+ red-tailed hawks also visiting regularly.

Anne Clark 

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