I came home this afternoon and could see something struggling in the
poultry fence I have around my chicken coop.  My first thought that a
chicken had gotten out and was trying to force its way back in but quickly
realized that it was a northern goshawk that was struggling in the fence.
 I went into the house to get my fireplace gloves and a blanket that I
planned to throw over it whilst I tried to extricate it from the fence.
 Much to my surprise the bird flew off as I approached and landed on a
nearby branch.  I went back to the house to grab the camera and got a
couple of distant shots before it flew off.

As I approached the fence I could see that one of the roosters was stuck
 in the fence. Apparently, the goshawk was trying to pull him through.  I
pulled the rooster out of the fence and left him there hoping that the
goshawk would return.  About 20 minutes later it did and flew / hopped /
dragged the rooster about 10 yards before it gave up and started eating.  I
was able to quietly approach and take a few more photos but unfortunately
there was some brush between me and the action.  I left the goshawk feeding
on the rooster.

I checked on the carcass after dark and it looked like what I have always
assumed was typical of a raptor meal -- bird on its back with the breast
muscles removed.

I think that the pictures should be available here:



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