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I posted the text below on Swan A21.  I did have a picture with that tag number 
on it that I overlooked.

I now have information on the other Swan that was on the North pond in Union 
Springs on 12-19-2013. It was also tagged but I did not get the tag number at 
that time. I found out from Linda Van Buskirk That the other Swan was Number 
A21. Linda was leaving when I arrived at the pond. She got the number from the 
female and I got the number from the male. Attached is a photo of A21 that I 
overlooked in the 75 photos I took. See the text below on the female Swan 
number A21 identified by Linda Van Buskirk.

Hi George: A21 is a female banded as a cygnet at LaSalle Park, Burlington, ON 
on Jan 2, 2008. Her parents are A15 & 504, who nest at Tiny Marsh, near 
Midland, Ontario. She was seen at LaSalle on Dec 13 & 14, 2013. It is possible 
that she is interested in K33 as a mate, because previous to last year she 
stayed at LaSalle the majority of the winter. Last winter she was seen for two 
days, during the same period that K33 was tagged, and then she disappeared.

Please keep us posted, and if you could share my email with as many birders 
there as possible, it would be great to get more sightings as it appears there 
are a few more birds moving south from the Ontario population.

Kyna, Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration
Facebook "Ontario Trumpeter Swans"


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