A friend of mine called me just a few minutes ago to say that he had just seen 
a SNOWY OWL (around 9:00am) in flight being mobbed by about a hundred crows. He 
described it as being a very large non-hawk raptor, with long rounded wings, 
all white, not much of a tail, no obvious neck, large head. He described the 
moment for him as "oh my gosh, that's not a hawk…that's a Snowy Owl! My friend 
was traveling along North Plain Street, on the West side of the open park which 
is the remnants of the DEC superfund cleanup site, across the street from the 
North side of GIAC. The owl was flying above the treetops across the East side 
of that park, headed South. After nearly colliding with another car, my friend 
pulled over to get a better look, but could not relocate the bird, but could 
still see all of the crows in the area which had been in pursuit of the owl. He 
said that the owl was completely surrounded by the crows when he first saw it.

Keep your eyes open for a large white raptor in the downtown Ithaca area!

Chris T-H
Christopher T. Tessaglia-Hymes
Field Applications Engineer
Bioacoustics Research Program, Cornell Lab of Ornithology
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