The photos don't do it justice but the key points are: large size, uniform dark 
coloration, folded wingtips concolor with the rest of the bird.  Possibilities:

Glaucous Gull - large size, concolor wingtips, but darkness of bird seems too 
much for the species. Patterning on bill seems wrong to me - black is smudgy 
and not boldly-defined.
Nelson's Gull hybrid - not what I expect from Nelson's, but ?
Other hybrids might be considered, mainly Glaucous-winged x Herring, GW x 
Western, or GW x Glaucous.
Glaucous-winged seemed a good fit actually, but should have an all-black bill.
Glaucous-winged x Herring also seems possible.

In some of the photos the folded wing-tips are edge-on and look darker than in 
real life. It is a very single-color bird.

David Wheeler
N. Syracuse, NY

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