Not a chance the whole lake will freeze over, Dave. 
No ice at all up here where it is 460 feet deep. 1 1/2 weeks ago water near 
shore was 39 degrees. 
It freezes only at the shallow ends and areas adjacent, usually. 
A little raft of Redheads, Ring Necks, swimming, diving here. Accompanied by 
some Mallards. 
Birding from my kitchen window on this wild, windy day seems good. 

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Donna Scott

On Jan 26, 2014, at 11:02 PM, Dave Nutter <> wrote:

> I don't know what possessed me to walk to the lake again today, having walked 
> both to East Shore Park and past Treman to the lake yesterday. Anyway, the 
> ice has grown considerably, extending about 3/4 of a mile from the land at 
> Treman's lakeshore, so today's walk was longer than I expected. I did get 
> fine views of ducks from between houses at about #967 Taughannock Blvd, 
> including White-winged Scoters close to shore, plus all the Mergansers, all 
> the (usual) Aythya, and Common Goldeneyes. The few Long-tailed Ducks I saw 
> were diving next to the ice edge in the middle of the lake. I also saw Canada 
> Geese, the usual 3 gull species, and an immature Bald Eagle on the ice. I 
> wasn't able to scan the whole lake and saw no grebes, loons, or coots. The 
> only Anas I saw was a single male Mallard flying over Inlet Island. With 
> serious cold expected to return and continue for awhile, and the ice shelf 
> already so big, I wonder how far it will grow, or if this could even be a 
> rare year that the lake freezes over.  
> --Dave Nutter
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