A couple of nights ago I went outside around 9:30 to exercise my dog and
look at the stars. Our movement or my voice evidently disrupted a junco (I
know some roost in conifer shrubs near the feeder). One started flitting
about in a way that seemed aimless and disoriented, and it also appeared to
be attracted to the porch lights, almost like a moth. Soon another one
joined it. I went inside, and with peeking through the curtain, saw them
continue to flit about a bit, but eventually they (hopefully) settled down
again. I never saw them nab a midnight snack at the feeder. But several
were at the feeder the next morning so seemed not to suffer from the
interrupted roosting.

With some reading, I find that juncos migrate at night. I wonder if this
makes them light sleepers.


Sheila Ann Dean, PhD
Natural Selection Editing and Research
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